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Discover our iconic floral infusions and our new Honey and Blue Lotus treatments

Beauty care

The nobility of age-old ingredients: the sublime blue lotus flower and the treasures of the Goddess Honey beekeper. Inspired by Nefertem , the guardian of the blue lotus and perfumes, we have formulated natural treatments with a noble composition and wonderful virtues.

Flower Tea

@Studio Alice Constantin


The packaging of our infusions and shipping boxes are made from recycled kraft. Our skincare product packaging is made of glass. At the end of their life, you can reuse them for storage or recycle/compost them. With each product ordered, a pretty information sheet seeded with wild flowers is included. You can plant your card and watch beautiful wildflowers bloom. As an option, you can add vintage Furoshiki packaging to your order, for high-end, zero-waste packaging that is infinitely reusable. We will also be happy to include a little personalized note if you would like to send a gift.


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