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Our vision

Since the dawn of time, humanity has relied on the healing, nutritional and aromatic virtues of plants. Our vision is to honor the plant kingdom and particularly flowers. It is thanks to this vision that we have developed a selection of three poetic floral infusions, and a range of completely natural beauty treatments, inspired by ancient Egyptian tradition.

Rose bud infusion

Our approach

At the heart of our approach, nourishing the fundamental need for beauty, simplicity and nature. We are returning to simple consumption of the whole flower in its raw state, thus revealing its full potential. Beauty treatments highlight a few precious ingredients, with completely natural colors and fragrances. We have eco-designed packaging that is part of an environmental approach and encourages the planting of wild flowers.

Blue lotus infusion

Our history

Le Lotus Bleu Botanique is a family adventure driven by a love of nature and its richness. Passionate about medicinal plants, mythology and art, we want to revitalize an art of living that connects us to nature and to ourselves. Come discover the power of plants, and dream with us thanks to the myths and legends surrounding flowers.

Blue lotus infusion

Our projects

The Botanical Blue Lotus is the first seed of a larger project. We are in the process of creating a well-being space around a forest garden, a lotus and water lily pond and a guest room in the southwest of France. The seed is germinating: It is the Garden of Water Lilies. You can follow our adventures on Instagram.

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